Stafford Air Show

Wings and Wheels afforded festival goers the chance to see biplanes, commemerative WWII planes, the Golden Knights, and some fantastic stunt flying. Since Stafford has its own airport and borders both the Rappahannock River and Aquia Creek, visitors can drop in by air or sea.

By American standards, Stafford is almost as old as American towns get and has always been a hubbub of activity. Once part of a colonial conglomerate, Stafford County was carved out to stand on its own in 1664.

The young nation received several substantial gifts from Stafford County. Colonial rebels, aka Americans, depended heavily upon Stafford’s iron works to forge weapons.

Bridge over Rappahannock
Bridge over Rappahannock

Stafford can also lay special claim to one of Virginia’s favorite sons. Our boy George did quite well in the world. Yes, that would be George Washington, who spent half his childhood at Ferry Farm on the banks of the Rappahannock.

U.S. Capitol made from Aquia Creek sandstone
U.S. Capitol made from Aquia Creek sandstone

Aquia Creek supplied the beautiful sandstone to build our nation’s Capitol and the White House. The small track of land that houses the quarry was turned into a park in 2013. Government Island is free and open to the public.

Follow the trail to the water’s edge and look across to the Aquia Harbour marina. The Battle of Aquia Creek took place there during the Civil War, both sides determined to control what was called the Potomac Creek Bridge. Not one of the more famous skirmishes surely, but one has to wonder what a good metal detector might still unearth in Stafford. Hmmmmmm.

~Tina Morris, author and photographer


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