Water Cruise1
The Cherry Blossom tours the Potomac River

Alexandria, seven miles south of the United States capitol, owes its spot on the map to tobacco lust and the original Washington boys. Lawrence Washington, older brother to the up-and-coming George, petitioned colonial power broker William Fairfax for the town’s creation. Galloping to present his House of Burgess plea in 1748, Lawrence carried George’s persuasive survey sketches.

3 Sisters know ladies fashion

Street musicians, shopping, and outdoor cafe seating make this dog- friendly, easy walking city, a true delight. King Street, capped by Waterfront Park is full of wonders. One of them I found on my travels was the fabulously talented Jamey Turner, glass harp musician extraordinaire.


Jamey Turner has shared his special talent with generations. Performance venues have included the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, with the National Symphony Orchestra,  and a list too long and impressive to chronicle here. His riverside repertoire included Beethoven’s Symphony #9:  Ode to Joy, What Child is This, and Greensleeves which he informed me was written by Henry VIII.

Quite an treat for a sunny day stroll.

Alter Ego dolls1
Alter Ego dolls

Waterfront Park is also home to the Torpedo Factory. True to its name, the Torpedo Factory was built post WWI for the U.S. Navy’s manufacture and maintenance of torpedoes. Uncle Sam moved out of the building after WWII.

Torpedo Factory1
The Torpedo Factory Art Center boasts 82 artists.

Today, only the art will blow your mind as The Torpedo Factory now houses a conclave of talented artists.

Studion 7: Tony Cowles, Sheep Jones

The alter ego dolls in Studio 7 capture the imagination and might just be the perfect girt for the one who has everything. Kindly ask the resident artist to turn them for you.

Old Town Alexandria is among the oldest historic districts in the country and needs to be on your must-see list.

Hard Times Cafe1
Hard Times Cafe on King Street has hot chili and pretty cool advertising

This beautiful city was named for Captain Phillip Alexander II, who wasn’t initially keen to have his 500 acres surrounded by a new town. Changing the name to Alexandria though apparently appeased him. Yep, sounds close to Washington to me.

~Tina Morris, blogger and photographer


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